Is Cashfiesta the World’s Oldest Online Scam?

I have a suspicion this is the oldest fraud scam site online. Welcome to What is Cashfiesta about and, not only how old it is, but if it is a scam, real, legit, safe and trustworthy or just an another fraudulent site! Having wrote many reviews I CAN tell you they do not have a very good online reputation. Amazingly cash fiesta is not even BLACK LISTED YET! That is a feat of real ingenuity and I have to take my hat off to them for ‘trumping’ all other scams!

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WEBSITE:- cashfiesta. com.

CREATED:- 7/2/2000. I believe it is the oldest fraud site online. Do you know of an older? Let me know below!

FOUNDER:- Anne Miller. Who knows if that is even real.


SCAM RATING:- I am giving it 15/100% for surviving this long! I believe it has to be a world record!


What Is Cashfiesta About and Offers of High Payouts!

What if I told you I can help you make $200 in fifteen minutes by signing up to ‘Special Offers‘ – would you believe me? Well, this is what cashfiesta is saying to newcomers who land on their site. It is INSANE! ‘Classic’ scam sign is when they offer you huge money for easy work. What will happen, I imagine, is you sign up to special offers, who then have your details, so they can spam forever! I have not signed up to this site neither am I going to. Only some many sites I can take signing up to a day in order to research them.

All I know is it is a pure scam. One review I read told of a guy who signed up to cash fiesta and left his laptop open 15 hours per day. Once he got up to so many points he was messaged by cashfiesta. com who said he had violated their terms and conditions. They never responded ever again! Don’t waste your time as they require you to download software and who knows if that is actually malware, probably, but I don’t know for sure. Scam sites are notorious for phishing and malware downloads.

Another bizarre pay out promise is thy say they will pay everyone $1 for every hour you spend online using their product service to earn money with. That is not a lot of money, I hear you say. I agree. Imagine if 1 MILLION PEOPLE were using their site the whole time? Now we can see it is a scam designed to pull people in because no one can afford to pay out 1 MILLION DOLLARS PER HOUR!

If it were real, I’d certainly let what ever software they had on my device, let it run in the back ground, and collect $24 a day. That is $168 per week, $672 a month and $34944 per year! Thank you I would take that FREE MONEY! Alas, it is not free money because they do not pay out!!!

ACTUALLY, I have to be very careful here, because, by the very merit they are still operating online, they may actually be giving some payouts!! These payments that they can prove they made would be an adequate convincer’er to attract more willing users thus more people getting their time wasted. Remember, you don’t have to have money stolen from you to be scammed online. All activities you perform on sites like cash fiesta generates it an income. So when they don’t keep their promise of payments to its members then you certainly have been ripped off for sure!

I would be intrigued to know if anyone reading my article has been paid for the website under review? Let my readers and my self know your story and experiences in the comments section below.

Whenever you make referrals to them you are told you will make money from that also put eight levels, meaning, you will earn money what actions your referrals take to that level.

They also give you cash to surf the net doing what you normally do.


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Just another scam site, stay clear of it. Feel free to share this article to warn others as the search queries for this in Google is still in 100s on a monthly basis!


I value your opinion, even if you disagree with, and I would love to hear from you! Were you scammed by ‘fiesta’ or a similar site? GO ahead and place your experience in the comments section below to help warn others. Not sure about something online then I will gladly look it up for you if you ask me in the comments box below. I believe you have more than enough information on the question of what is cashfiesta about and feel confident you will not go near them. Thank you for reading my article and I look forward to all your comments. All the best for now and stay safe online out there!

Ami Lespin

Bachelor of Science @ UCLA | Online Marketer

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