Is CouponPeoples a Scam or Legit? Scammer Alerts Investigates.

Here is What CouponPeoples Really Are

Find out what is CouponPeoples.com

You are very welcome to our unbiased review to answer What Is CouponPeoples (or couponpeoples.com). Maybe you are asking is CouponPeoples a fraudulent scam, is it real and safe or maybe researching for a review in general? Then you have landed perfectly here as we have covered many of their other websites. The owners are very busy people who do not like to pay their members a penny and are therefore a complete SCAM SITE! Clearly, we can not recommend them for ripping off their own members. We shall also seek to find owner details with a list of their other sites to boot we have uncovered in our research of them.

Why CouponPeoples isn’t safe

Along our path in researching what is CouponPeoples we uncovered that they don’t have ANY ONLINE ID. Terrible signs of a fake website. They are expiring their operations as of 28/07/2018 and never intended themselves to stay up any long than one year. Classic sign of a site to stay around for a while and rip people off until online reputation is so bad they have to shut down or redirect to another one of their fake sites.

Here is how they operate.

CouponPeoples Work From Home Job

Everyone is eligible to sign up for free with a valid email account. Upon sign up you are entitled to earn $10 per new member you get to sign up through your own unique affiliate number link. Members are also afforded $10 per ‘TASK‘ they complete such as a survey, sign up to a third party offer etc. However, things get dubious for me when members earn $5 for getting one Link Click! Please consider $5 affords one a thousand click throughs (almost) via the likes of Facebook and so, my question is, how is it profitable to pay members $5 for a simple 1 time click? Obviously, it is not and only bankrupt any online business in no time.

Now we can already see they can not be legit and actually they do not pay. RippOff Report website has a complaint of one man who signed up, got his minimum payout of $300, and was not allowed to cash out. More on that later.

Members are advised to share their affiliate link all over the internet on all popular social media outlets. Actually, they even encourage texts, PM’s, word of mouth and absolutely anything to get your link out there. Please be aware this is SPAMMING and is illegal to do this. Facebook is actually prosecuting people for this when you add new members to groups, or even tag them too much, for the purposes of advertising – be careful.

Another reason we are not recommending Coupon Peoples is they possess thousands of other websites, nearly if not, exactly the same in appearance, coding, wording and certainly how they scam their sign ups. They allow payments to be made to their members once a month, but that is only to allow members to make tons of referrals for them, and that equals free traffic for new victims. So, how do they make money off of their members and how do they scam them in the end?

How the scam operates

OK! We said the minimum payout is $300 and this is where stuff goes wrong. Everything works just fine up to this point where money is given into your account in real time – you can see it being added. However, those are only fake figures and will never amount to a single penny being paid out. Members will apply for their earnings at the min payout threshold where they could be asked for their bank details. Please do not give them out as they are harvested to be sold onto third party scammers.

Members emails and whatever else they can extract from you are also put onto a scammers list and sold on the deep web. Contact your bank and see how they can protect your account if you gave out bank details and don’t forget to cancel any offers you signed up to as well.

Additionally, there are conditions to be met before payment is given out. Nowhere on their website do they stipulate the conditions we are about to reveal. They may want you to sign up to an offer. Upgrade. Do a survey. The man from the RippOff Report ended up doing some surveys where the page simply refreshed forever to another survey. He never got paid and good on him for reporting them.

To further insult their members they may ask for payment to do surveys, which are done on another website that could be scam as well, for which they will get some commission. THEN! Members have reported on some or their other scam sites a fee to do such Tasks. That is money out of member pockets to unleash their earnings – never happens though.

Ultimately, when the scam is over, members are locked out of their accounts. Password will be changed. Accounts can not be altered or deleted and no monies are ever released. They are simply a site phishing site that seeks to earn from their member time, effort and selling of their private details to online fraudsters.


Did you Sign Up To Them? Do let us know in the comment box below to help warn others – Thank You  .

The Link Below is just one of their websites I reviewed recently. Should you click on it and scroll down, you will find a list of some of their online scam websitesW

All readers are encouraged to do further research should they doubt anything in this article or on our website. We only endeavor to inform and we do not state anything as legal fact but merely opinion based off of experience and research. Errors, where valid, will be corrected.

SCAM RATING:- 0/100!

Fake site that doesn’t payout whatsoever! Just a time waster and a scam that is used to make money off of you and your information.



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