OnlineSalesPro.com – Scam or Legit?

Online Sales Pro is owned and operated by Vincent Ortega Jr. The owner of the company had another business that shut down in 2014. The Internet Lifestyle Network closed its doors and left all their investors with nothing when the business folded. Like his other business, Online Sales Pro claims to teach you how to generate more leads, direct sales and generate a cash flow each month. The company will offer you training, an email marketing platform, a mobile website application, a simple to use page editor, landing pages and a private Facebook community that you can join.

What Does Online Sales Pro Offer You?

  1. In one of the training videos, the company claims that you need to spend money in order to get new customers. However, if you don’t spend the money to get customers, you don’t have a business, but you only have only a scheme.
  2. You’ll have training videos that will entice you to spend hundreds of dollars on advertising in order to acquire more customers.
  3. The company provides a service to help drive clients to your website. You’ll need to invest in their Royalty Clicks service in order to drive more traffic to your website.
  4. The company is having you create sales campaigns for Online Sales Pro. You’ll be paying them for generating traffic to your website.

How Much is the Royalty Clicks Package?

  1. The first package guarantees that you’ll receive 100 to 150 social media clicks and visitor. The name of the package is “I’m Scared But Yes”. You’ll pay $103 for this package.
  2. Package 2, “Lemme’ Try It” will guarantee that you’ll receive 250 to 350 social media clicks and visitors. This package costs $257.50.
  3. Package 3, “Dippin’ My toes!” guarantees that you’ll receive 500 to 750 social media clicks and visitors. This package cost $515.
  4. Package 4, “Level Up My Guard,” says that you’ll receive 1,000 to 1,500 social media clicks and visitors. This package cost $1,030.
  5. The fifth package is called “Bossin’ Up!” which guarantees that you’ll receive 3000 to 4000 social media visitors and clicks. This package cost $3,090.
  6. Package 6, “Getting’ Famous!” says that they will send you 5000 to 7500 social media clicks and visitors. This package cost $5,150.
  7. The 7th Package, “instant Fame!” will drive 10,000 to 15,000 visitors to your social media account. You’ll pay $10,300 for this package.
  8. The last package, “Celeb Status!” will drive 25,000 to 30,000 visitors to your social media account. You’ll pay $25,750 for this package.

What Does This Mean?

  1. All businesses spend money to advertise their business and attract new clients. However, if you invest in Online Sales Pro traffic scheme, you’ll be giving them money to advertise their own business.
  2. The company isn’t teaching you how to become an internet marketer. Instead, they are teaching you how to build a landing page and website to promote their business.
  3. You are paying this company to become an affiliate marketer for them. Furthermore, you’ll need to buy your own website address, but the company will give you free hosting for a website that they will create for you. You’ll have access to their website templates that you can use to create your landing page and website. However, the website isn’t for a business you want to start, it is only to promote Online Sales Pro.
  4. You can easily promote this affiliate program on a website that you already own and work on. All you basically need to do is write up a fantastic review to promote this company. In the review, you’ll add your affiliate link and when a person joins the site, you’ll earn your commission.
  5. So why pay this company for driving traffic to your social media account?
  6. Furthermore, is it even possible to receive the amount of traffic the company offers?
  7. How long will it take to receive 30,000 visitors to your social media pages?
  8. If you pay the company to drive traffic to your social media pages and there aren’t any visitors, does the company offer to refund the money?
  9. The company doesn’t teach you how to be independent and self-sufficient. They are only trying to teach you how to make money fast. Which as we all know, doesn’t exist online. There is no get rich concepts available, you’ll need to build a good website, attract an audience, and build trust in order to succeed online.
  10. The training guides that Online Sales Pro offers don’t belong to them. Instead, they are the property of Social Media Quickies. Take a close look in the bottom left corner of your documents and you’ll see they don’t belong to this company. It is not certain if this company has permission to distribute this material or not. According to the Terms of Service from Social Media Quickies, they retain all rights and nobody can distribute their material.

How Much Does Online Sales Pro Cost?

  1. According to the company, it cost $37 a month. The sales video you’ll watch after registering with the company talks you into investing $297 for the first year.
  2. Once you’ve paid your yearly subscription, you still can’t access or unlock all the training material.
  3. You’ll need to upgrade your account to the Online Sales Pro MVP membership. This cost $997 for the year, or you can pay in a monthly installment of $97 a month.
  4. The MVP membership only allows you to create a personalized affiliate profile on the website. There actually isn’t a need for this profile and furthermore, nobody looks at them.

What is Missing?

  1. You are not taught anything about creating your own sales campaigns, setting up your own online business, or even how to promote your own products and services.
  2. The company will only teach you how to create an OSP Sales Funnel that makes you pay the company money to drive traffic to your website.
  3. You are basically creating free publicity for the company and paying the company to advertise for them.


This is difficult to call the company a complete fraud. However, the company doesn’t have much to offer you in the lines of internet marketing. They will teach you how to create a website, host the site for you, and help drive traffic to your website for a fee. The website that you’ll create is based on the company and selling memberships to other people looking for ways to make money online.

You will be able to make money from the company, but not as much as you’d had hoped. For each member that signs up under your affiliate line, you’ll earn $20 a month for the life of the membership. The company earns a lot more than this and you are still paying the company to drive traffic to your website in hopes that you can generate a new lead and a person will sign up for the program.

Online you’ll find many reviews claiming this is a legitimate program and a great investment. Unfortunately, these people have invested a great deal of money and are now trying to prove that the company is legitimate and worth joining. However, the owner of the company doesn’t have a good track record and his other online business have all closed leaving people with nothing in return.

I personally don’t recommend joining this company and paying the membership to join. There are affiliate programs out there that cost nothing to join and it is easy to earn an affiliate commission if you create your own website. You can easily buy the material that is given to you in this program from the legal owners for a fraction of the cost. Save your money and purchase the books for only $19.

Ami Lespin

Bachelor of Science @ UCLA | Online Marketer

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