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  • Free
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  • Founded outside of U.S.
  • Fairly new company (2017)

Hey guys, its Ami again. This time around I will be reviewing Viral Bucks. A lot of you have reached out to me about this site and I will be doing a thorough review so keep reading.

What is Viral Bucks?

First and foremost, let’s find out what Viral Bucks is. Viral Bucks is an influencer network that was founded in 2017. The network has grown to over 200,000 members and has paid out over $52,000,000. Viral Bucks allows you to make money online using your social media accounts. Essentially, they claim you can make money by inviting your friends to their website or app. Members can earn $10 per referral and $2 per click they receive on their referral links.

At first glance, this site sounds too good to be true and initially, I thought it was just another scam. However, I was deeply wrong! I decided to try out Viral Bucks and I was amazed; the service is actually legit. Continue reading to find my full review of Viral Dollars.


As I said before, I thought Viral Bucks was one of those other scams but I was incorrect. Although there are many scams out there, there are also many LEGIT sites out there too. That’s why I often post legit sites on Scammer Alerts to show people that there are actually legit services out there. Yes, Viral Bucks is one of those uniques sites that actually PAYS! Scam sites are ruining the industry for legit companies like Viral Bucks so I’ve decided I’ll be posting about more legit sites. You probably got here because you google searched “Is Viral Bucks a scam?” or “Is Viral Bucks legit?”. And I don’t blame you. The amount of scams out there is horrendous.

First Outlook

Beautiful and fast

To come to my conclusion of Viral Bucks being legit, I tested it out through various criteria. As you arrive on the site, you will notice their fast and elegant home page. Most scam sites are slow and ugly because scammers ditch out hundreds of these sites in a short period of time. Additionally, scam sites contain loads of broken English as the scammers behind them are from 3rd world countries such as India.

Viral Bucks is far from that. The site contains coherent and clear English which not only helped me easily understand and navigate the site but also gave me a piece of mind.


Viral Bucks contains various member testimonials on their front page and on their proof page. I don’t usually believe testimonials but they had a lot of videos and payment proofs posted by their members which led me to believe even further that Viral Bucks is in fact legit. They are also completely transparent with earnings and payouts. You can actually see members being paid out in real time with notifications around their site.

I figured if all these people were saying they were paid by Viral Bucks then it must be a real service. So I went ahead and signed up.

Sign Up

After I signed up, I was redirected to my dashboard and I have to say I was pretty amazed. The member dashboard was even more elegant. I was prompted with a welcome popup and my referral linkhttps://share.viralbucks.co/amilespin30 (you should use it if you haven’t signed up yet btw ;))


Normally, I wouldn’t directly share anything like this on my personal social media accounts but at this point, I was convinced with Viral Bucks. I shared my link on my Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. I even shared it to some close friends on iMessage.

Cashing Out

Viral Bucks requires you to meet certain requirements before cashing out. They explain that this is done to prevent cheating and spam accounts from ruining the service which makes sense. If someone made 100 fake accounts and got a $25 bonus on each, they could easily make $2500 without doing any real work. The requirements require you to have at least 20 clicks, 5 referrals, and 5 completed tasks. These were fairly easy to surpass. I quickly met the requirements within a day of posting on social media. After accumulating around $700, I decided to cash out.

I successfully cashed out but I had to wait 30 days. They scheduled my payment for April 25th, 2019. I was skeptical at first but it began to make sense after some research. Legit companies like Viral Bucks often need time to confirm payments as many fraudsters bring in fake traffic and stats. Viral Bucks is paid by outside sponsors & advertisers so if sponsors find out traffic is fake, they might not pay Viral Bucks then serious issues can arise.

Therefore, the legit companies need time to confirm stats and limit fraud or else the site would be ruined for members that actually bring in real traffic. Now knowing this, I wasn’t too bothered with my payment schedule and decided I’d wait. At the end of the day, what’s the worst that can happen? I don’t get paid for an hours worth of work? I can live with that.

If you bring fake traffic and Viral Dollars pays you but their sponsors find out and decide not to pay Viral Dollars then issues may arise. Fake traffic would ruin the site for other legit hardworking members so that’s why I tolerate the payment schedule.

My Payment Arrived

I was in the middle of writing a researching for a new review when I received a PayPal notification — “You received $784 from Viral Bucks, Pty Ltd.” I had totally forgotten that my payment from Viral Bucks was due that day. I was also a bit surprised because I have not heard from the company since the month before when I received my payment confirmation email.

So yes, I was right! Viral Bucks paid me and therefore I find them to be 100% legit. I too posted my payment confirmation on Facebook, Instagram, and my other social media profiles. My other friends went crazy and started signing up. My earnings that day jumped around $1000. I decided I was going to keep earning with Viral Bucks as a side job.

I have been referring and completing tasks on Viral Bucks continuously this week and plan to scale up my earnings to around $5000 a day. I’ll probably be opening up a new section of the blog where I post journeys of my progress of making money online. I’ll try to document and keep you guys updated with my progress on Viral Bucks and my journey to $5000 a day.


Viral Bucks says its the #1 influencer network and I totally agree. I tried out the site for myself and I was paid. I’ll be taking on a more active role on the site and will be trying to scale up my earnings to around $5000 a day. So you might ask one more time “Is Viral Bucks a scam? Is Viral Bucks fake?” Absolutely, NOT. There is countless evidence supporting the authenticity of Viral Bucks’s service and I myself has seen the results.

Want to sign up for Viral Bucks? Use my link.

Ami Lespin

Bachelor of Science @ UCLA | Online Marketer


  1. Another great review Ami. Thought this was a scam. Definitely going to try it.

  2. Never thought making money online would be this easy. I received my cash in my cashapp account a couple days ago. I haven’t gotten it out tho because cashapp needs to verify my identity. But this site def pays

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